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Corporate Social Responsibility

At OCM, we are committed to contributing to sustainable development with environmental and societal goals.

OCM’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program

At OCM, we are committed to contributing to sustainable development with environmental and societal goals. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program is modelled on the seven social responsibility core subjects of the ISO Guideline for Social Responsibility (ISO 26000). The foundations of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program align with our corporate values:

Organisational Governance

OCM has developed a system of processes, practices and policies which reinforce the guiding principles that employees operate under, including, but not limited to, ethical conduct and workplace safety. Trust is one of our core values and is vitally important to maintaining our company’s position as a market leader. OCM continues to nurture and maintain the trust of all of its stakeholders, including the communities in which we operate.

Gaining trust starts with understanding the Code of Conduct, inclusive of our values and ethics statement and then putting it into practice every day. The OCM Code of Conduct explains our ethical standards and how we conduct business on behalf of OCM.

Community Involvement

OCM and its employees are dedicated to our roles as responsible corporate citizens. As a service provider in our industry, we have a responsibility to give back to the communities around Australia, whether it be through monetary support or voluntary commitment. Through various initiatives, we support children and families, Aboriginal communities and disaster relief programs. Our corporate donations and pro bono work help ensure we direct our resources where the most impact will be made.

The Environment

OCM is committed to protecting the environment and reducing waste. Wherever possible, OCM promotes the efficient use of energy and natural resources and environmentally safe disposal methods. To this end, we routinely assess the impact of our activities have on the environment and implement programs based on a sustainability perspective to assess, avoid, reduce, and mitigate the environmental risk and impacts of activities. Specifically, we follow the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle as the primary initiative to support our environmental responsibilities. For example, in various locations, OCM has:

  • Implemented recycling programs in our offices
  • Operate a policy of a “paperless” office contributing to the reduction of waste, unnecessary recycling, and the reduction of physical facility storage space and its associated carbon footprint
  • Installed drinking water filtration systems to reduce the use of bottled water
  • Have a policy of our staff using public transport and use of carbon offsets for flights where possible
  • Utilise Skype Business and Microsoft Teams to enable our teams to collaboration across Australia reducing the need for business travel
  • We lease offices with a minimum energy rating, where ever possible
  • Encouraged employees to take additional actions, both big and small, to help protect the environment such as participating in Earth Hour and Clean Up Australia day.

Human Rights

At OCM, our human rights policies and efforts are focused on respecting the rights of all employees. We encourage a healthy, open, and inclusive working environment in which employees, suppliers, partners, and customers respect the value of human life and support social progress. OCM has policies in place to support human rights, including:

  • A Workplace Health and Safety Policy which applies to all employees and ensures that employees are provided with a safe and healthy working environment. We recognise that an effective health and safety program is an integral part of every job activity in all of its operations.
  • A Code of Conduct and Acceptable Behaviour and Staff Welfare Policy that is committed to maintaining a workplace in which employees, can raise concerns on a confidential basis, free from discrimination, retaliation, or harassment, anonymously or otherwise.
  • An Equal Opportunity and a Diversity Policy which is aimed at maintaining a working environment that is inclusive of everyone, regardless of culture, national origin, race, colour, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, family status, age, disability, or religion, or other basis, protected by applicable laws. We believe that a diverse workforce positively impacts our ability to innovate.
  • An approach to accessibility to ensures that employees, with specific access requirements are recognized and barriers to their performance are removed wherever possible.

Employment Practices

OCM values and respects its employees. We are committed to providing direction for and leadership to our own people through the development and support of employment guidelines, policies, and practices designed to benefit both individuals and the company. To this end we:

  • Promote flexible working conditions and a family friendly environment.
  • Supports an “employment equitable” work environment, free from discrimination of any kind. All employees share in this responsibility. Our working environment will, at all times, be supportive of the dignity and self-esteem of its employees.
  • Our Acceptable Behaviour and Staff Welfare Policy explains that harassment or discrimination of any kind undermines the integrity of our culture and will not be tolerated. All individuals have a right to work in a harassment-free and discrimination-free workplace.

Fair Operating Practices

OCM is committed to conducting its business ethically and in compliance with the letter and spirit of all applicable laws. Each OCM employee is responsible for maintaining this standard of excellence by acting with Respect, Integrity, Independence, Professionalism.

OCM pledges to conduct business fairly, to promote fair competition, and to hold itself accountable for its own ethical practices. The OCM Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy explains our ethical standards, how we apply fair operating practices, and how employees conduct business on behalf of OCM including data privacy via the OCM Data Protection Policy and Email, Internet and Social Computing Policy.

Consumer Issues

Our relationships with our clients are central to our success. Our Client Feedback Program, allows us to gather client insights and incorporate them into our everyday business decisions.