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Probity is about good decision making. OCM works closely with organisations to enhance the design and delivery of efficient, effective and ethical decision making, especially for procurement. Our services are pragmatic and proven, utilising sensible controls and effective and transparent risk management.

Probity Advice and Reviews

OCM works across a range of sectors and jurisdictions as an adviser or auditor. Our depth and experience is reflected by successful engagements in major infrastructure & construction projects, human services and IT projects, contestability programmes, grants, divestment projects and other decision-making.

We deliver pragmatic and risk focused advice promoting integrity in decision making.  By making sure there is confidence in market engagement processes, OCM encourages participation, key stakeholder acceptance of outcomes and create an environment conducive to achieving value for money in procurement decisions.

Probity Plans and Better Practice Guides

OCM has developed an extensive and tailorable best practice database of probity and governance plans and guides including information and communication management protocols which have been the subject of review and endorsement at the highest levels of government. Appropriate risk mitigation strategies are developed and deployed through sound methodology, practical security and compliance.

Our experienced practitioners are regularly called upon by oversight bodies to undertake reviews of guidance documents. Reviews have included the Direct Negotiations Guidelines, COI Guidelines and Ethical Conduct in the NSW Public Sector publication.

Contract Letting, Advice and Reviews

OCM uses a proven methodology and approach, aligning with relevant legislation, policies, standards and best practice. We have reviewed numerous letting processes and are experts in dealing with issues, breaches of confidentiality and proponent complaints. Our work has robustly withstood reviews by external bodies such as State and Federal Auditor-Generals and judicial reviews.

Probity Risk Management

OCM works with organisations across all jurisdictions undertaking risk assessments around important processes. We then work Organisations to develop robust risk management processes.

Probity Seminars

OCM provides probity and ethics seminars, workshops and briefings for all types of
organisations. We work with you to develop content that addresses key process risks and enhances the decision-making skills of your personnel.

Managing Conflicts of Interest

OCM’s probity team provide advice on strategies and controls in the areas of unauthorised secondary employment, previous employment relationships, common consultant and consortia membership, family relationships and friendships, and situations where competing roles/conflicting duties arise.

We have developed best practice protocols, guidelines and declarations to assist project personnel and key stakeholders better understand their obligations and responsibilities in relation to conflicts of interest.

To view some of our probity case studies, please click here.

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