The term probity refers to the integrity, uprightness and honesty of a process. As Government agencies and departments increasingly interact with the private sector, processes are becoming more complex. At OCM our history and strength in probity will provide the assurances your organisation requires to move forward with confidence.

The OCM team are highly qualified with each person having a minimum of 10 years’ experience. We can provide both the public and private sector with the expertise required to manage projects of all sizes.

Our services include:

  • Probity Advice and Reviews
  • Probity Plans and Better Practice Guides
  • Contract Letting / Management Advice and Reviews
  • Probity Risk Management
  • Probity Training
  • Managing Conflicts of Interest

The key probity principles focus on accountability and transparency; fairness, impartiality and honesty; management of conflicts of interest; maintenance of confidentiality and ensuring security; and attaining value for money.

Probity is a critical component of government business as there is a clear expectation from the community and key stakeholders that they will be treated equitably and fairly. Probity considerations are not solely the domain of government and not-for-profit organisations; many private sector organisations are now seeking to embed key probity principles within their respective organisations.

We typically see organisations being increasingly challenged to demonstrate the integrity of their decision making processes, particularly in the area of procurement. An openly competitive procurement environment can assist in this regard. For government, managing this environment can involve a number of competing expectations in the interaction between private and public sectors.

In the private sector there is an increasing focus on making investment decisions that are based on integrity and adhere to good corporate practice. Shareholders are seeking assurance that transactions are free from conflict and that the value of their holdings has not diminished through any transaction.

Our Probity Service

OCM is a market leader in the provision of probity assurance and advisory services. Our teams’ experience is drawn from successfully completing numerous engagements for all levels of Government; Commonwealth, State and Local, as well as important transactions in the private sector. Our probity specialists have a wealth and depth of experience that can provide you and your stakeholders with an impartial view of procurement and associated activities, particularly where high values and project complexities increase probity risks.