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Workplace Conduct & Risk

Understanding and managing people is one of the most pivotal, intricate and sensitive aspects of running a successful organisation. When done well, the rewards for employers, employees and other key stakeholders are tangible. OCM offers end to end solutions to your workplace needs.


As a neutral third party, OCM’s mediators help organisations move through a structured mediation process to identify disputed issues, develop options and consider alternatives to reach an agreement. Our mediators will identify disputed issues, develop options and consider alternatives in an attempt to reach an agreement.

Workplace Investigations

OCM is an experienced provider of independent workplace investigations. We work in a discrete, timely and cost-effective manner. Our investigation services include, but are not limited to, fact finding, disciplinary, preliminary and comprehensive investigations. We consider all corporate risk areas such as misconduct and harassment, fraud and corruption, conflicts of interests and WHS / security critical incidents investigations, including occupational violence.

Security Consultancy

OCM has qualified and experienced consultants in delivering security related services to the Government and private sector.  These services include risk assessments for facilities, critical infrastructure and for employees working in or deployed to high risk or uncontrolled environments. We support organisations in the development of Security Management Plans to include strategies to ensure a secure working environment.


OCM’s team of qualified trainers are specialists in a number of fields including, workplace conduct, workplace health and safety (WHS), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). OCM is able to customise a training package or choose from one of our current training packages.

We have qualified and experienced workplace trainers who develop and deliver workplace training and short courses which are customised to meet the needs of the organisation. These needs can include investigation techniques and strategies, interviewing techniques, conduct and ethics, fraud and corruption and managing challenging behaviours and occupational violence.

Work, Health and Safety (WHS)

OCM’s WHS team offer the full range of WHS services including auditing & functional reviews, WHS Management System gap analysis, development of WHS policies, procedures & checklists, WHS incident root cause analysis and critical incident investigations (incl ICAM).  We support organisations to ensure compliance with all WHS obligations including due diligence and create a work environment which reaps the benefits of a positive safety culture.

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