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Webinar – Conducting investigative reviews – focusing on the issue, not the individual

In this special investigations edition of our free webinar series, our panel of experts delve into the importance of conducting workplace reviews and how this can be an effective proactive and preventative strategy for building resilient organisations.

Every organisation understands the significance of fostering a productive, resilient and positive workplace.

In the absence of formal complaints, there are key signs or ‘flags’ which may indicate interpersonal or work-related issues that could be adversely impacting on employees. These issues can manifest in high absenteeism, staff turnover, low productivity and less than effective internal communication.

Additionally, organisations are also constantly required to manage incidents in the workplace. Incidents are not limited to safety matters, but can include failures in systems, and in processes which may present financial or reputation risk.

When incidents occur, a common mistake is to focus on human error as the primary cause which limits an organisations ability to understand the underlying factors and prevent reoccurrence.

Effective workplace reviews allow a workplace issues or incidents to be reviewed with a ‘no blame’ approach. This approach will proactively identify and rectify vulnerabilities in procedures, processes and practices.

Our experienced panel for this webinar series includes National Partner in Workplace, Conduct and Risk, Nick Iorfino along with OCM Principal, Catherine Geenty and Ashurst Partner, Tony Morris.

Nick Iorfino

Catherine Geenty

Tony Morris

During the webinar we examine:

  • what types of workplace investigative reviews, including cultural and post incident are available
  • when and why a workplace review should be conducted and the benefits
  • how to build a methodology and approach for conducting effective workplace reviews


Watch the webinar recording here: