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Digital Assurance

In our digitally connected world, technology plays a ubiquitous role in both personal and business domains, introducing risks tied to digital infrastructure, systems, and data reliance. At OCM, our integrated approach builds digital trust, empowering organisations to leverage the potential of data and elevate their digital landscape.

Information Security

Approaching information security with the view that safeguarding information and its associated knowledge is paramount, regardless of its handling, processing, transportation, or storage.

Data Governance

Supporting clients in establishing and monitoring data governance frameworks that enable a better coordinated and more effective approach to managing the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data.

IT General Controls

Providing assurance on IT general controls that apply across the organisation’s digital ecosystem, including but not limited to accessibility of data, response to disruption, digital resilience, change management, cloud services, as well as security controls.

Program and Project Assurance

Providing assurance to governance groups, including Boards, over managing and mitigating risks for delivering successful programs and projects. This is integral to building trust among stakeholders and increases the likelihood of achieving project objectives.

Cyber Risk Management

Implementing cyber security measures and controls to safeguard systems and data from potential cyber threats. We focus on conducting subsequent risk assessments and audits of the established cyber security framework.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Assisting clients assess suppliers’ security controls according to digital asset and service risks, while prioritising ongoing monitoring to ensure risk mitigation and control objectives are consistently met.

Threat and Incident Management

Helping our clients enhance their maturity for addressing threats and vulnerabilities linked to business applications, systems, and networks through vulnerability assessments; patch management; monitoring practices; and threat intelligence.

Business Resilience

Maintaining trust in your digital landscape is vital for any organisation. Whether it involves the regular use of digital services or recovering from a disruption, OCM can assist in ensuring that established controls are grounded in an effective framework.

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