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Our firm

OCM operates a different delivery model to that of our competitors. Each practitioner is a leading expert in his or her field and has a minimum 10 years’ experience covering local, state and federal government, professional practice and private enterprise.

Our values

Our culture is grounded in a set of values that support and promote doing the right thing. They are part of our day-to-day conversations and at the heart of our business. They guide our decisions and our daily interacts with our clients and the community in which we live.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

OCM’s inaugural Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) reflects our vision for a more interconnected and sustainable future. Our RAP aims to create a lasting positive influence on our people, industries, and communities. It outlines how we will enhance opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, promote cultural awareness, and educate non-Indigenous Australians, fostering a corporate culture of diversity, equality, and respect.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan



We respect our people, our clients & our communities.


We empower to grow the business, grow the team, grow one another’s skill.

Stay Safe, Be Well

We care for each other and actively promote well-being and safety.

Promote Integrity

We are honest, open, ethical & fair.

Evolve Through Innovation

We innovate to continually make a positive difference.


We celebrate and reward success.


Together we achieve so much more.

Our history

Our business was established in 2009 by two founding Partners, Rory O’Connor and Andrew Marsden. In those first twelve months, our business established itself as a strong probity practice and in 2010, the business expanded into Assurance services.

Since those early beginnings, our business has grown from strength to strength, expanding our service offerings as our clients kindly gave testament of the value and expertise we bring to each of our engagements. From our first two offices in Sydney and Melbourne, our practice has grown with the opening of offices in Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Parramatta and Perth.

Our strength comes from our ability to attract a large talent pool of SMEs from different educational backgrounds and industries. Our practitioners are our most valuable asset. Through harnessing their deep expertise, we form multi-disciplinary teams focussed on finding solutions to the most difficult of business challenges.

Our leaders

Our practitioners have been assisting organisations enhance their systems and procedures, strengthen controls, reduce costs and improve operating performance for many years. Meet the Service Line leaders behind our teams.

Meet our leaders

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

At OCM, we are committed to contributing to sustainable development with environmental and societal goals. The foundations of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program align with our values:

  • Respectful
  • Empower
  • Stay Safe, Be Well
  • Promote Integrity
  • Evolve Through Innovation
  • Celebrate
  • Teamwork

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program is modelled on the seven social responsibility core subjects of the International Organisation for Standardisation Guideline for Social Responsibility (ISO 26000).

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