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Venues NSW – Overseeing a program of procurement

A Procurement & Supply Chain case study

OCM working with clients to manage a program of procurement activities.

Venues NSW is an NSW Government agency which manages six stadiums and two entertainment centres in five precincts across Greater Sydney, Hunter and Illawarra regions.


Venues NSW (VNSW) was in need of procurement support to oversee a program of procurement projects within its Property and Maintenance Services division. VNSW had 25 contracts that needed to be renewed over 12 months, and these contracts included:

  • Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, Ventilation and Cooling Tower Water Treatment services for Sydney Cricket Ground and associated buildings
  • Fire and Emergency Systems maintenance services for Sydney Cricket Ground and associated buildings.
  • Vertical Transportation maintenance services for Sydney Cricket Ground and associated buildings.
  • Fire and Emergency Systems maintenance services for WIN Sports and Entertainment Centres
  • Integrated Cleaning and Waste Management Serviced for Sydney Cricket Ground, Allianz Stadium, and the Sporting Club of Sydney.
  • Integrated Cleaning and Waste Management Services for McDonald Jones Stadium
  • Integrated Cleaning and Waste Management Services for WIN Sports and Entertainment Centres.


In the role of ‘Procurement Project Manager’ for VNSW, OCM’s objective was to assist the procurement teams and project personnel more broadly, effectively overseeing the management of the procurement activities for the Property and Maintenance Services division to ensure alignment with both the VNSW and the NSW Procurement Policy Framework. Importantly, our primary objective was to help VNSW in procuring the above contracts in a timely manner and to ensure value for money was accomplished.

Service activities included:

  • Supporting the development of procurement strategies and facilitating their endorsement and approval process with VNSW delegates
  • Assistance in the development and consultation of key procurement and technical requirements
  • Creating essential procurement documents such as call tender documentation, evaluation plans and evaluation reports
  • Managing tender briefing and tender addenda process
  • Facilitating the evaluation process (as procurement convenor) including conducting mandatory compliance reviews, requests for clarifications, correlation of tender evaluation team scores and detailed commentary to support tender evaluation report outcomes
  • Coordinating presentations/interviews and other due diligence activities with top ranked tenderers/bidders
  • Developing evaluation reports capable of supporting delegate approval
  • Supporting negotiation activities and drafting amendment to deeds/standard agreements for execution
  • Facilitating the delivery of professional debriefs to any tenderers requesting a debrief
  • Providing independent probity assurance as and when required through the program.


OCM was successful in delivering thoughtful, timely and cost-effective procurement outcomes that supported the delivery of new contracts essential for VNSW Infrastructure.

Overall, OCM’s significant contribution was delivering outcomes for the procurement program on time and within budget, with no unresolved procurement or probity concerns, or issues raised by tenderers. This ultimately enabled VNSW to extend and award transparent and defensible contracts with peace of mind.


In support of this case study, interested parties can contact Venues NSW Procurement via the Procurement and Contracts Manager to further verify or validate the services carried out by OCM.

Mr Chris Baun
Procurement and Contracts Manager, Venues NSW
M: 0413 486 220 (during normal business hours)


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