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Investigation into alleged corrupt conduct

A Workplace, Conduct & Risk case study

Our investigations team have undertaken hundreds of investigations and possess the knowledge and experience required to address the complex and sensitive issues that face any organisation. We have a proven track record working with Federal and State Government clients across Australia. We use our strong skill set and structured investigation approach to address the complexities, sensitivities and intricacies of fraud, corruption and employee misconduct investigations.

Our team members’ past experience, many of whom have worked for or within law enforcement, provides us a solid base in understanding the collection and analysis of evidence. Our investigators will utilise technology at every opportunity to secure digital information and protect and preserve potential evidence.

OCM were engaged a full investigation on behalf of the Department of Education (DoE) in relation to the alleged misuse of the DoE email service, failure to report alleged corrupt conduct associated with that use and alleged failings in the proper safeguard of a departmental computer against its unauthorised use.

OCM’s contribution

OCM received and reviewed the Terms of Reference along with the relevant departmental policies and procedures. OCM works with the organisation to ensure that the scope of the investigation is clearly defined and contains achievable objectives based on the timeframe and available evidence.

The investigation plan clearly articulated the legislative requirements for the definition of ‘corrupt conduct’ and the actions required if such conduct were identified.

As a part of this investigation, OCM worked closely with the Department and took the following steps:

  • Interviewed the complainant
  • Reviewed Department’s relevant policies and procedures
  • Interviewed witnesses and the complainants
  • Worked with the Department to draft correspondence which contained allegations to put to the affected employees.
  • Interviewed the affected employee / respondent.
  • Prepared an Investigation Report that contained findings and recommendations.

The investigation also exposed issues in relation to equipment security which was a contributing factor in the conduct. It was identified that there have been identified a number of instances where staff members have failed to secure their Department of Education computers in the appropriate and stipulated manner when not in attendance.

Although there may be some mitigating circumstances around the reasoning for the failure to properly secure work computers, OCM recommended that various sections within the Department have the relevant guidelines brought to their attention.

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