Workplace Conduct & Investigations

Our Workplace Conduct and Investigation practice offers end to end workplace solutions encompassing advisory operations and dispute resolution.

Our Workplace Conduct and Investigation practice offers end to end workplace solutions encompassing advisory operations and dispute resolution. Our service offerings include:

Our services include:

  • Fraud Control
  • Fraud Risk identification and Mitigation
  • Workplace Investigation and Support
  • Whistleblowing Response
  • Fraud and Corruption Prevention
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Work, Health & Safety
  • Training (WHS, Workplace Conduct, Ethics & Values)
  • Conflict Resolution

Understanding and managing people is one of the most pivotal, intricate, and sensitive aspects of running a successful organisation. The Australian Standard on fraud and corruption control (AS8001:2008) states there is a “strong nexus between fraud and corruption within entities on the one hand and fundamental governance failure at senior levels on the other”. There is becoming a greater level of reliance on organisations to put in place robust governance processes to ensure that any control failures or lapses in judgement are dealt with expediently, fairly, and with the least harm to the organisation.

Many organisations spend insufficient time undertaking measures to prevent fraud, corruption and misconduct, eventually counting the cost at some later time. The cost to an organisation can be financial and non-financial (reputation and cultural damage) and can have a protracted impact. Whilst prevention is the key to mitigating your organisation’s risks, it is inevitable that some level of fraud, corruption and or misconduct will occur at some stage in an organisation’s life. When this occurs, the organisations that detect the events more quickly will mitigate the impacts more successfully.

An important part of managing fraud and corruption risk is having a fraud and corruption control plan, which includes the important elements of Prevention, Detection, and Response (Investigation Services). At OCM we assist our clients with these elements using the guidance of applicable Australian standards and legislation, as well as our extensive years of experience. Our investigations team includes highly skilled specialists while our methods and tools enable us to collect the relevant information in a way that ensures an appropriate level of evidentiary integrity.

At OCM, we pride ourselves on providing investigation solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, no matter what the size or complexity. Our detailed approach to conducting investigations varies depending on the nature and extent of the suspected behaviour. We determine the details during the planning stage of the investigation process. At all stages of the investigative process we maintain regular communication with you. This ensures that we respond to changes in your priorities, and for us to consider alternative outcomes with you.

Workplace Conduct Investigation Service

OCM’s WCI specialists will provide the investigative process with the necessary independence, procedural fairness and smart technology to ensure decisions can be made with confidence and impartiality.