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Health & Human Services

The Single Digital Patient Record

A Probity case study

The program

The Single Digital Patient Record (SDPR) is a new project undertaken by eHealth NSW aimed at providing a holistic, statewide view of a patient’s healthcare information. The SDPR will support safe, high quality healthcare for patients and provide clinicians with a consistent and enhanced experience of electronic medical record systems.

Our role

OCM’s extensive experience in the healthcare sector saw eHealth NSW engage OCM as the primary probity advisor for the Request for Invitation (RFI) stage of the SDPR project. OCM undertook the following tasks throughout the project’s duration:

  • Prepared probity protocols for use by NSW Health as general guidance for key stakeholders regarding their probity obligations for the RFI process.
  • Undertook probity reviews of all relevant documentation including slide packages presented to prospective respondents, the finalised RFI released through eTendering, and the RFI Review Plan.
  • Attended meetings where progress with RFI reviews and analysis, and general process and issues were discussed.

These activities ensured that the evaluation of the RFI for the SDPR Project conducted by eHealth NSW, did not breach the established probity principles, and that the probity risks during the process were appropriately managed.

It should also be noted that OCM saw no probity issues or concerns raised by any party in relation to the RFI process. In addition, no members of the SDPR Team, RFI Review Group, and the Subject Matter Experts raised any probity issues or concerns with OCM during the process.

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